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To get the best performance from your banjo and to squeeze the bridge for maximum sound and playability it really helps if you answer the questions on this form. The more you can tell me the easier it is to help you select the best bridge for you and your banjo. Please fill out this form - this way I know your order will be on the way shortly and I could let you know how long it would take me to make your bridge. Of course, if you have any questions about the bridges then based on the information you give me, it would save us a lot of time emailing back and forth to determine what bridge would be most suitable to your needs.

Please note: After filling out the information on this form clicking "SEND" should fire up your email client (email software) if this does not happen then please copy & paste the info in your regular email to me

This form does not work with some browsers like Opera or some tablet/handheld devices. 

Please note: while selecting your bridge, if any option is selected as CUSTOM then custom pricing will be in effect for that bridge so please contact me for a quote. Don't forget this is only a workshop spec sheet - you also need to fill out the order form when placing an order.

Last name
First name
Postal/zip code
Email address
Banjo Make
Banjo Model
Tone ring
Style I play
Type of head
Head size (rounded off)
My current bridge
Number of Strings (help SIX string)
Left/Right handed
Outer string spacing (help string spacing)
String slotting for what strings (help Nylon
House-Special Bridges:
Archie (skip to Comments after select )
Dark Star (skip to Comments after select )
Main Menu Bridges:
Bridge height
Type of wood
Bridge weight
Number of legs
Bridge type
For radiused bridges only (help):
For custom compensated bridges only: offset 1st string = mm
offset 2nd string = mm
offset 3rd string = mm
offset 4th string = mm
offset 5th string = mm
Comments, custom instructions

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