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Geipel Silver Steel thumb picks available in sizes 0 through 8

The search is finally over: Geipel German Silver Steelthumb picks for banjos, reso and regular guitars are now available in North America. Designed and made in Germany for zither players but you couldn't ask for a better banjo, or guitar, thumb pick

Geipel, or Gewa, thumb picks fit super comfortably

Geipel thumb picks provide superior playability for amateur and pro level musicians alike. You can hardly feel you're wearing them because of their super comfortable fit. No more slipping and/or crushing your thumb, they stay put.

Geipel thumb pick, size 6, German Silver Steel

Geipel picks are available in sizes 0 through 8, or simpler, from child/lady up to he-man size thumbs. Check the chart below to check the size you need. Keep in mind, they're easily bendable so they're sure to fit everyone.

Geipel zither pick made of German Silver Steel, ideal for banjos and guitars The tip is slightly rounded so no matter how you twist your hand you're always hitting the strings at the proper angle. Imagine a thumb pick light and comfortable enough to leave on while switching from three finger to clawhammer in the middle of a tune!
Geipel zither pick made of German Silver Steel, ideal for banjos and guitars

The short tip concentrates your thumb's power letting it deliver a more focussed and efficient string attack that lets you exploit a greater dynamic range of sound. As well, the shortness makes digging in and scraping the banjo head or guitar sound board a thing of the past. 

The biggie plus points of the rounded shorter tip: you can play cleaner and faster notes - loved by pro-level pickers and deeply appreciated by beginners
Ruler to determine thumb pick size

Here are some rulers you can print out to let you measure your thumb, just a little above the nail, as shown to make sure you get the most comfortable fit. Warning: be sure to order some extra picks in case you loose them because once you used them it's real hard to go back as your old ones will feel like canoe paddles

Geipel zither pick made of German Silver Steel, ideal for banjos and guitars

Fine tuning your Geipel Thumb Picks: the picks come shaped like the one on the left.

1) Some players need to bend the over-the-nail part to line up with the tip, like the one on the right, to prevent string snags. Of course, you could also try to improve your thumb technique by digging less deep which, by sheer coincidence means, even cleaner and faster.

2) Some players need to bend the tip a little towards the nail, or upwards in this picture, about 5~10 degrees is perfect: use the over-the-nail part as a fulcrum and push the tip with your thumb to bend it - do not use pliers as that might scratch the surface and you'd get pick noise.

Geipel Thumb Pick Sizes:

Measure your thumb size with these rulers

you need Pick size:

if your Thumb measures:


4.0 cm


4.5 cm


5.0 cm


5.5 cm


6.0 cm


6.5 cm


7.0 cm


7.5 cm


8.0 cm


Hint: no such thing as X.5 sizes, the size numbers are in the left hand column

Please note: Geipel German Silver Steel picks contain NICKEL (Ni)

Price: $3.50 each

 or $3 each for 3 or more 

plus postage

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What people say about the Geipel picks:
Rockyjo, Colorado, U.S.A

A detailed review by Rockyjo, Colorado, U.S.A.

Ron B, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada The picks arrived Friday. Quick and reliable service as usual. Of course, I tried them right away. I've been using Pro Picks finger and thumb picks and have found them the best yet for me. The Pro Pic thumb pick I use is a hybrid: plastic blade attached to a metal band. It give a brighter tone than the ProPic metal thumb pick, but the zither picks I just received are even better than the ProPic hybrid. The tone is brighter and the fit makes it feel as though there is nothing on my thumb. They are my thumb pick of choice from now on. Thanks for for bringing them into the marketplace.
Paul LaFranco I just recieved my Geipel thumb picks and all I can say is WOW, it's like not having a pick on it's so lite, I really like the way the part of the pick that hits the string, is so small it gives me better pick control, for me it's so much easier to hit the right strings with my new thumb picks.  The sound to me is alot better as well, I guess metal to metal has more of a chime than the plastic National thumb picks I've been useing. I also want to order an Archie Bridge that you've recommended to me, if that makes even half the difference that the Giepel Thumb picks have made I will indeed be impressed, later Im going on the "hangout" to brag about my new found sound useing your Giepel thumb picks, thanks again.

Ron H,

Port Neches, Texas

I received my thumb picks today. Man they are so comfortable. I love them.I'm a beginner banjo player and anything I can do to make things easier is abig plus! Thank you so much.Ron

Tim, North Carolina, USA This is Tim from North Carolina and I wanted to let you know I received my picks quickly and I've been enjoying them greatly.  I love them.  Sorry it took so long to get back to you been busy.  Thanks so much for the great service and wonderful picks.
Charlie, Independence, KY USA.

Picks came today, everything is AOK. Will order more, I have been givingthem to friends. I really like mine, just the right amount of bite, and oncefitted it stays on till I take it off.Thanks for being there.


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