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High quality 
 balalaika bridge for optimum dynamic performance

Premium grade balalaika bridges to optimize tonal performance now available.



Premium Banjo Bridges

Dark Star 
 banjo bridge for five string banjos. This bridge lets your banjo deliver amazingly clear notes all the way                             up and down the neck with enhanced sustain.

Please note: Dark Stars are thin, real thin - you must loosen, or
slack off, the strings and/or tail piece tension before installing them.

1 - Dark Star - this bridge is specially designed for heavy-on-the-melody playing. Rapid attack, enhanced decay/sustain combined with absolute tonal clarity up and down the neck lets you exploit the "there's gotta be more" capabilities of your banjo and your musical & creative talents. This bridge is ideally suitable for jazz, classical, blues, melodic and anything style wise where melody is paramount. Dark Star is an equal opportunity bridge: both three-finger picking and clawhammer styles are welcome.

Oh, and Dark Stars are simply amazing on woodie (wooden tone ring) banjos you'll be thrilled to hear your woodie wake up and come alive.

Here's what the "test drivers" had to say about it. 

$30 - MORE...


Archie-a next generation banjo bridge specifically 
 designed for archtop banjos
Please note: Archies are thin, real thin - you must loosen, or
slack off, the strings and/or tail piece tension before installing them.
Warning: Archies have been known to cause
significant increases in banjo volume 

2 - Archie: a lean and mean bridge designed especially for archtop banjos. Although too bright to some [usually older] ears, Archie can sure make your flat top stand out from the crowd as well - try one on an OB250, RK80 or similar, and you'll be scratching your head wondering where all that sound you never knew you had all of a sudden came from. Compressed sustain allows a musician to exploit the full range of tonal dynamics from raw power growl to melodious sweetness that Archie liberates from your banjo. Made from genuine firewood.

$30 - MORE...

 Banjo bridge designed specifically for Celtic style playing on tenor and plectrum banjos as prefered by professional musicians 3 - Ebony crowned teak for tenor and plectrum (4 string) banjos. Custom designed for Joe Carr (RIP 2014), a pro player, in Texas who had special requirements to optimize his Celtic style playing. Exquisite tonal balance from string to string, no more skinny sounding 1st strings or flabby sounding 4ths. Superb dynamic sound range, notice the custom string slotting - it's included so you need to specify the string gauges you use when ordering.


 Radiused banjo bridge to get 
 the maximum playing comfort and performance from your radiused neck

4 - Radiused bridges: both bridge wood and top are radiused for supurb sound, tone and stunning looks. Available in 9 to 20 inch, radius, is a $10 upgrade option for most of the bridges I make. Of course, you still get to specify height and string spacing. The bridge shown here has the 14 inch radius needed for Nechvilles.


$35 (the radius is a $10 option for most bridges)

Clawhammer banjo bridge that gives your thumb better clearance over the banjo head, a stellar performer. Nice and mellow but with amazing tonal clarity. 5 - The finest custom clawhammer bridge anywhere designed by a clawhammer player specifically for clawhammer players. Untopped mystery wood for a superb tone range from plunk to clear as a bell. The 5th string is raised 1/8 inch to give your thumb a teriffic clearance over the head and helps prevent your thumb from making that annoying pffft pffft sound on the head- a low cost alternative to scooping the neck...


The Main Menu

 Full tone with an amazing powerful presence, ideal for Scruggs/Reno style playing. Release fabulous tonal clarity from cello banjos. 6 - Mystery wood, ebony crowned - explosive sound, fabulous for 100 mph bluegrass picking. Ideal for any picking style. If you want to sound as Earl, or as Don, you can get, this is the bridge for you.


 A great mellow clawhammer bridge with a superb dynamic tonal range. This bridge also is exceptionally suitable for nylon strung banjos.

7 - Same as above, no crown. A smidgen mellower sound, awesome for clawhammer or all out "pre-war" on Mastertone style banjos. Wildwood banjos, or anything with Fyberkin/Elite heads love this one in B weight. The heavier B weight one is also *the* bridge for Ode. The A weight works exceptionally well with nylon strings.


 A great banjo bridge for budget priced instruments with powerful and clear notes as well as stunnning looks.

8 - Teak, ebony crowned - great volume and superb dynamic range and great tonal clarity. Especially suitable for budget or medium price banjos (not recommended for Stellings).


Superb tonal clarity from your banjo with this bridge with very plaesing looks 

9 - Enigma (another mystery wood), ebony crowned - clear, bright and neutral sounding, superb volume. The Enigma, "pink teak," bridges get along great with EQ settings on sound systems - Stellings absolutely love them.


Wonderful soft mellow sound for clawhammer banjo playing

10 - Walnut with ebony crown - clawhammer plunk, a little more "shy" than the mystery wood sound.


traditional style banjo bridge

11 - Ebony crowned mystery wood, don't let the only-two legs bother you, a super sounding all-purpose bridge at a budget price. Two legs only have to advantage of muting the banjo head in two spots only compared to the "regular" three spots allowing the head to vibrate more freely.


Custom Banjo Bridges

 A retro bridge for 4 string banjos for those wishing to keep their instruments period-authentic 12 - Period bridge for tenor banjo, custom slotting available for Celtic setup string specs.


Five legged period reproduction bridge for restoring antique banjos 13 - Period bridge for five string banjos. This paticular one was made for a restoration of an S.S. Stewart banjo that had a worn out original 5 legger Stewart bridge. It needed to be 1/2" tall and custom slotted for nylgut strings. The string slot on the left was a casuality of a chipout caused by rough handling with steel strings instead of the intended nylons but plenty good enough for illustration purposes.


Compensated bridges for tenor and plectrum banjos? Of course, you know all too well some banjos need them and custom intonation offsets make them work right from the getgo.

14A - A compensated bridge for a tenor, or plectrum banjo, really? Yes, definitely - totally custom compensated at that. Just like their five string cousins: some banjos need them, some don't. Depending on the style they play, four string fans use a huge variety of string gauges making guessing at compensation values impossible so custom is the proper way to go.


Top view of a custom compensated tenor bridge - no more guessing, just correct the intonation offsets according to exactly what your banjo needs and you'll be playing in tune all the way up the neck.

14B - the top view of the model above illustrates the curves as dictated by the intonation offsets for this particular bridge. The bridge shown here also has the tapered ebony crown. Custom slotting for your string gauges included.


 Compensated bridges for five string banjos - these two are compensated at different values as required by the specific banjos they were made for. 15A - Two custom compensated (mystery/ebony) bridges to illustrate the different shape curves you could expect. On this picture, despite the extreme compensation values, the difference is barely noticeable but check the top view on the next picture to get a better idea.

This is really what custom compensation is, or should be, all about. If you want to make your intonation problem(s) really go away then generic on-fits-all compensation just doesn't cut it and this is the way to go, your banjo and your ears will definitely appreciate it.

Custom compensated bridge: $40

 Here you can see the different curves to correct the intonation values needed for different banjos 15B - The same two bridges: the sweetspot offsets for the bottom one are much greater than the top one. Actually, the offset values for the top one are about as severe as I've encountered and it goes to show you that it won't look weird. The offset measurements for strings 1 through 5:
top: 0, 3, 5, 2, 0 mm (B weight)
bottom: 0, 5, 7, 4, 0 mm (A weight)

Custom compensated bridge: $40

High performance custom bridge for Gitjo, or 6 string, banjos. Fabulous clarity delivers a huge dynamic tone range, something pro musicians have come to expect from Banjo Bridges by Bart.

16 - High perfomance bridge for gitjos/banjitar (6 string guitar banjos). Ebony topped mystery wood for an enormous dynamic range lets pro musicians milk the tone to their heart's content. Custom slotting for your string gauges included, be sure to specify your gauges. The model shown here has the optional tapered ebony crown.


custom banjo bridge for a restoration project 17 - A custom order for a period bridge to go on a 1846 Boucher banjo that's being restored. The dimensions were traced from the one on display in the Smithsonian.

The thing to keep in mind, no matter what new bridge you put on, the sound will always be different than what it was with your old bridge - you'll be real pleased to hear what these bridges will do for your banjo's sound.


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